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Orlando, Florida

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ENGLISH PROGRAMS - Improve Level of English Proficiency

KEF: Know English Forever; what we stand for and what we deliver. Exceptional English lessons that will last a lifetime. Both inside the classroom and beyond. English instruction by certified teachers with a master’s degree in TESOL, language labs to drill pronunciation, and immersive activities throughout the day with American students participating in our other camps. Learn American English as spoken in the United States. Learn English now and know it forever. English ESL Summer Camps.

SUMMER CAMPS - Personal Development

In addition to English programs, we offer specialty summer camps in partnership with the finest institutions in Orlando. Believing that learning should be about discovery and adventure, we provide a platform for kids to advance an area of interest (academic, sports, personal growth, etc.) by providing ample support and first-class facilities to suit their needs.  This development is driven by the camper's areas of interest, and our focus is on setting new goals and attaining them. They'll enjoy a wide variety of experiences that foster imagination and creativity and can only happen in Orlando.          

The Group Experts in Orlando 

"What Our Students Say"

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