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ENGLISH PROGRAMS - Improve level of English Proficiency

KEF: Know English Forever; what we stand for and what we deliver. Exceptional English lessons that will last a lifetime. Both inside the classroom and beyond. English instruction by certified teachers with a master’s degree in TESOL, language labs to drill pronunciation, and immersive activities throughout the day with American students participating in our other camps. Learn American English as spoken in the United States. Learn English now and know it forever. 

                           SUMMER CAMPS - Personal Development

In addition to English programs, we offer specialty summer camps  in partnership with the finest institutions in Orlando. Believing that learning should be about discovery and adventure, we provide a platform for kids to advance an area of interest (academic, sports, gaming, etc.) by providing ample support and first-class facilities to suit their needs.  This development is driven by the camper's areas of interest, and out focus is on setting new goals and attaining them. They'll enjoy a wide variety of experiences that foster imagination and creativity and can only happen in Orlando. 

The Group Experts in Orlando 

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"What Our Students Say"

Lilien G.


"KEF had an immense impact on my life. Not only did my English skills improve drastically, but I had the possibility to share my summers with people from all around the world, who I can call friends for life now. The constant support of my teachers both academically and personally enabled me to grow as a student and a person. I am currently studying at a private high school in the United States and I know this is only possible because of my time in Orlando! I love KEF!"

Itgel T.


"I think KEF USA is the perfect place to learn English and experience America. I now have so much more confidence when I️ speak English and that happened very quickly after beginning the program. I️ want to thank the staff for all their hard work and dedication. It’s made a big difference in my life".

Valentine M.


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at KEF and the teachers at the college. It was a wonderful experience everything from the morning to night. So much learning and so much fun together. I had a wonderful time!"

Sofie & William P.


"What a great time in Orlando, it was non-stop action day and night. We learned a lot, saw many new and exciting things and made new friends from Russia, China, Turkey etc. It's amazing how much English we learned in such a short time. My parents also want to thank everyone at KEF for taking such good care of us".

Luan L.


(translated from Chinese) It is well known that the best way to learn English is to learn in the English context. KEF has provided me with a very good environment to learn English. Not only do you study regularly in the classroom for 4 hours a day, but you can use English and learn English 24 hours a day, every day. Every day here, KEF staff helped me to correct grammatical errors and pronunciation errors. I feel that I have made great progress every day. At the same time, KEF also provides good living conditions to serve us. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom, while the residence also has a private pool where we can relax at any time. In addition to learning, KEF will lead us to visit every theme park in Disney World and Universal Studios to enrich our life in Orlando. Here, everyone can get the care and attention of the staff. During the four weeks of my life in Orlando, I learned a lot, not only English skills, but also the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. I sincerely thank KEF for providing me with an opportunity to see the United States.

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