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 The world's most popular sport uniting over 250 million people from more than 200 countries

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R9 Academy was created with the mission to spread its unique playing style, which helped make its founder, Ronaldo “The Phenomenon” Luíz Nazario de Lima, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one of the most respected players in the history of soccer. The methodology used stimulates young players to fight for their dreams while learning soccer at their own speed.


Players learn with coach Gustavo Brasil, well-known in Brazil and nominated by FIFA as one of the "Best Soccer Coach in the USA".

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Players will rotate through every position for a complete understanding of the sport. But it's not just about the game...

Tools for Life

  • Decision Making - Soccer is a pure players game. Coaches teach them how to handle many different situations in practice but during the game, players must quickly assess a situation so they can choose the right response. 

  • Social Problem Solving -  Kids realize  it's not about “me and the ball.” They learn "I am a member of a team and must rely on them."

  • Responsibility - “This is my position. I have a responsibility in this area and against the opposite players. I need to always be ready to support my teammates."

  • Anticipatory Thinking - kids learn to “read the game” and anticipate things that haven’t happened yet.

  • Perseverance - When kids play soccer, they learn that success isn’t easy. The legendary Pele once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

  • Sportsmanship - When kids discover that losing is part of soccer, they also become better sports. Players on the losing team learn to congratulate the winners for a job well done (while secretly resolving    to work harder so they can win next time)

Plus A Complete Disney World Vacation


Enjoy a complete Disney World vacation as part of the program visiting theme parks, water parks, and famous area attractions that found only in Orlando.

College-bound students

KEF USA programs provide students with skills they may need to further their education. By offering an exceptional soccer camp, we invite students to explore the possibility of what it takes to become a college athlete.

The "goal" of this program is to improve players' overall student profile and athletic ability to become a stronger candidate when applying for college admission. For outstanding athletes, the admission process and scholarships may be less daunting.

Remember, it takes more than just athletic ability. Colleges want to recruit players who are strong academically as well as to ensure that their athletes will be able to handle college-level classes while spending large amounts of time on the athletic field.

What's Included
  • Under the Direction of Coach Gustavo Brasil

  • Week 1 - Focus on Team Training

  • Week 2 - Focus on Individual Training

  • Week 3 - Focus on Strength Training

  • Week 4 - Athletic & Personal Development

  • Supplies & Equipment for All Activities

  • Certificates of Participation  

  • KEF USA Backpack & T-Shirt

  • 24 Hour Manned Security

  • 24 Hour Adult Supervision

  • 24 Hour Parent Hotline

  • All Camp Counselors Are 21+

  • Entrance to the Theme Parks & Attractions

  • Exciting Range of Fun-filled Activities 

  • All Ground Transportation / Airport Transfers

  • Well-Appointed, Modern, Safe Accommodations

  • Free Wi-Fi / Computer Access

  • 3 Nutritious Meals / 2 Snacks Daily

  • Restaurant / Convenience Store / ATM Machine

  • Auditorium / Movie Room / Game Room

  • Swimming Pool / Fitness Center / Full Service Spa

  • Complete Water Park / Playground

  • Tennis, Beach Volleyball & Basketball Courts

  • Use of Washers and Dryers 

Dates & All-Inclusive Prices

              JUNE 2021 - GROUPS ONLY

2 weeks      Jun 6- Jun 19      $-

3 weeks      Jun 6- Jun 26      $-

4 weeks      Jun 6- Jul 3         $-

               JULY 2021 

2 weeks        Jul 11- Jul 24     $-

3 weeks        Jul 11- Jul 31     $-

4 weeks        Jul 11- Aug 7     $-

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